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We can only send seed to Canada, The United States, and the European Union.


**** Premium Seed Sale ****

Any seed listed with a * are now reduced by 50%
Online Shopping Only

We are very pleased to offer you our most recent selection of the World's top performing and favorite pumpkin varieties. Pumpkin fever has hit an all-time high with many more home owners decorating for the fall season, and the dramatic increase in World Record weights with our "Dill's Atlantic Giant" variety.

March 31, 2020
At the present time, we are still accepting seed orders. Canada Post is deemed essential and they are open for business. You may order via online shop, by phone or by mail/email. Please be advised that delivery may take longer than usual. Thank you for understanding.

We've adjusted our hours of operation:
Phone orders… Tues, Wed, Thurs. 10:00 am - 3:00 pm EST
Thank You!

MAY 2020

At the present time, due to the CORONAVIRUS, the farm is open for seed sales only. Monday through Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Pumpkin transplants will be available for pick up only around the end of May, first part of June. Please call 798-2728 or email howarddill@yahoo.ca to book your transplants. Unfortunately, all other parts of the farm, including Long Pond, are closed to the public. What this means is we cannot allow visitors to drop by for a visit, no walkers are permitted to cut through the property for their exercise and no visits when PT the horse arrives.

As we continue to monitor this situation, things may change. We will post what is new each month as things develop.

Thank you for understanding.

To order via order form or phone: - Go to our premium seed page.

Business Hours:
Closed: December 24 - 28 / December 31 - January 1

Please call 1-902-798-2728 or email howarddill@yahoo.ca with any questions on seed.

Please see our premium seed links under
'Heavyweights' and 'Show King Squash'
for ordering information. Very limited quantities, order early.

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Canada BON 2T0
Tel: (902) 798-2728
9am - 4pm Eastern Time

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